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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for nscd.conf (redhat section 5)

nscd.conf(5)			       File Formats Manual			     nscd.conf(5)

       /etc/nscd.conf - name service cache daemon configuration file

       The  file  /etc/nscd.conf  is  read from nscd(8) at startup. Each line specifies either an
       attribute and a value, or an attribute, service, and a value. Fields are separated  either
       by SPACE or TAB characters. A `#' (number sign) indicates the beginning of a comment; fol-
       lowing characters, up to the end of the line, are not interpreted by nscd.

       Valid services are passwd, group, or hosts.

       logfile debug-file-name
	      Specifies name of the file to which debug info should be written.

       debug-level value
	      Sets the desired debug level.

       threads number
	      This is the number of threads that are started to wait for requests. At least  five
	      threads will always be created.

       server-user user
	      If  this	option is set, nscd will run as this user and not as root.  If a separate
	      cache for every user is used (-S parameter), this option is ignored.

       enable-cache service <yes|no>
	      Enables or disables the specified service cache.

       positive-time-to-live service value
	      Sets the TTL (time-to-live) for positive entries (successful queries) in the speci-
	      fied  cache  for	service.   Value  is in seconds. Larger values increase cache hit
	      rates and reduce mean response times, but increase problems with cache coherence.

       negative-time-to-live service value
	      Sets the TTL (time-to-live) for negative	entries  (unsuccessful	queries)  in  the
	      specified  cache	for service.  Value is in seconds. Can result in significant per-
	      formance improvements if there are several files owned by uids (user  IDs)  not  in
	      system  databases  (for example untarring the linux kernel sources as root); should
	      be kept small to reduce cache coherency problems.

       suggested-size service value
	      This is the internal hash table size, value should remain a prime number for  opti-
	      mum efficiency.

       check-files service <yes|no>
	      Enables  or  disables  checking  the  file  belonging  to the specified service for
	      changes. The files are /etc/passwd, /etc/group, and /etc/hosts.


       nscd was written by Thorsten Kukuk and Ulrich Drepper.

GNU C Library				     1999-10				     nscd.conf(5)

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