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ISSUE.NET(5)			     BSD File Formats Manual			     ISSUE.NET(5)

     issue.net -- identification file for telnet sessions

     The file /etc/issue.net is a text file which contains a message or system identification to
     be printed before the login prompt of a telnet session. It may contain various `%-char' (or,
     alternatively, '\-char') sequences. The following sequences are supported by telnetd:
	   %l	  - show the current tty
	   %h, %n
		  - show the system node name (FQDN)
	   %D, %o
		  - show the name of the NIS domain
	   %d, %t
		  - show the current time and date
	   %s	  - show the name of the operating system
	   %m	  - show the machine (hardware) type
	   %r	  - show the operating system release
	   %v	  - show the operating system version
	   %%	  - display a single '%' character



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