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HOSTS.CONF(5)			     Network UPS Tools (NUT)			    HOSTS.CONF(5)

       hosts.conf - Access control for Network UPS Tools CGI programs

       The CGI programs (upsset.cgi(8), upsstats.cgi(8), upsimage.cgi(8)) use this file to deter-
       mine if they are allowed to talk to a host.  This keeps random visitors	from  using  your
       web server to annoy others by creating outgoing connections.

       MONITOR ups description

	      The  ups	element is in the form "[upsname@]hostname[:port]".  To allow connections
	      to a UPS called "snoopy" on a system called "doghouse" that runs upsd on port 7877,
	      it would look like this:

		   MONITOR snoopy@doghouse:7877 "Joe Cool"

	      The  description	must be one element, so if it has spaces, then it must be wrapped
	      with quotes as shown above.

       upsset.cgi(8), upsstats.cgi(8), upsimage.cgi(8)

   Internet resources:
       The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page: http://www.exploits.org/nut/

       NUT mailing list archives and information: http://lists.exploits.org/

					 Tue Sep  3 2002			    HOSTS.CONF(5)
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