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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for afpd.conf (redhat section 5)

afpd.conf(5)			       File Formats Manual			     afpd.conf(5)

       afpd.conf  - Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the setup of its file sharing

       /etc/atalk//afpd.conf is the configuration file used by afpd to determine the behavior and
       configuration of the different virtual file servers that it provides.

       Any line not prefixed with # is interpreted. The configuration lines are composed like:

	      server name [ options ]

       If  a  -  is  used instead of a server name, the default server is specified. Server names
       must be quoted if they contain spaces.

       The path name must be a fully qualified path name, or a path name using either the ~ shell
       shorthand or any of the substitution variables, which are listed below.

       The possible options and their meanings are:

       AppleVolumes Files

       -defaultvol [path]
	      Specifies  path  to  AppleVolumes.default  file  (default  is /etc/atalk//AppleVol-

       -nlspath [path]
	      Specifies the path to the code pages (default is /etc/atalk//nls).

       -systemvol [path]
	      Specifies  path  to  AppleVolumes.system	file  (default	is  /etc/atalk//AppleVol-

	      Enables or disables reading of the users' individual volumes file entirely.

	      Enables or disables reading of the users' individual volumes file before processing
	      the global AppleVolumes.default file.

       Authentication Methods

       -uamlist [uams list]
	      Comma	 separated	list	  of	  UAMs.       (The	 default       is
	      uams_guest.so,uams_passwd.so,uams_dhx_passwd.so).  The most commonly used UAMs are:

	      uams_dhx_passwd.so or uams_dhx_pam.so - allows logins using Diffie-Hellman eXchange

	      uams_guest.so - allows guest logins

	      uams_passwd.so or uams_pam.so - allows logins with clear text passwords

	      uams_randum.so - allows Random  Number  and  Two-Way  Random  Number  Exchange  for
	      authentication (requires /etc/atalk//afppaswd file)

       -uampath [path]
	      Sets the default path for UAMs for this server (default is /etc/atalk//uams).

       Password Options

       -loginmaxmail [number]
	      Sets the maximum number of failed logins, if supported by the UAM

       -passwdfile [path]
	      Sets   the   path   to  the  Randnum  passwd  file  for  this  server  (default  is

       -passwdminlen [number]
	      Sets the minimum password length, if supported by the UAM

	      Enables or disables the ability of clients to save passwords locally

	      Enables or disables the ability of clients to change their passwords

       Transport Protocols

	      Enables or disables AFP-over-Appletalk. If -proxy is specified,  you  must  instead
	      use -uamlist "" to prevent DDP connections from working.

	      Enables or disables AFP-over-TCP

       Transport Options

       -admingroup [group]
	      Allows  users of a certain group to be seen as the superuser when they log in. This
	      option is disabled, by default.

       -ddpaddr [ddp address]
	      Specifies the DDP address of the server. The default is to auto-assign  an  address
	      (0.0). This is only useful if you are running on a multihomed host.

       -fqdn [name:port]
	      Specifies  a  fully-qualified domain name, with an optional port. This is discarded
	      if the server cannot resolve it. This option is not honored by  AppleShare  clients
	      <= 3.8.3. This option is disabled by default.

       -ipaddr [ip address]
	      Specifies  the  IP  that	the server should respond to (the default is the first IP
	      address of the system). This option also allows one machine to advertise TCP/IP for
	      another machine.

       -port [port number]
	      Allows a different TCP port to be specified for AFP-over-TCP. The default is 548.

       -proxy Runs  an	AppleTalk  proxy  server  for  the  specified AFP-over-TCP server. If the
	      address and port aren't given, then the first IP address of the system and port 548
	      will  be	used.  If you don't want the proxy server to act as a DDP server as well,
	      set -uamlist "".

       -server_quantum [number]
	      This specifoes the DSI server quantum. The minimum value is 1 MB. The maximum value
	      is 0xFFFFFFFFF. If you specify a value that is out of range, the default value will
	      be set (which is the minimum).

       -noslp Do not register this server using the Service Location Protocol (if SLP support was
	      compiled	in).   This is useful if you are running multiple servers and want one to
	      be hidden, perhaps because it is advertised elsewhere.

       Miscellaneous Options

       -guestname [name]
	      Specifies the user that guests should use (default is "nobody"). The name should be

       -icon  Use the platform-specific icon

       -loginmsg [message]
	      Sets a message to be displayed when clients logon to the server. The message should
	      be quoted.

	      Disables debugging

       -tickleval [number]
	      Sets the tickle timeout interval (in seconds).

       afpd(8), AppleVolumes.default(5)

4th Berkeley Distribution		28 September 2000			     afpd.conf(5)

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