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VGA(4x) 										  VGA(4x)

       vga - Generic VGA video driver

       Section "Device"
	 Identifier "devname"
	 Driver "vga"

       vga  is	an  XFree86 driver for generic VGA video cards.  It can drive most VGA-compatible
       video cards, but only makes use of the basic standard VGA core that  is	common	to  these
       cards.  The driver supports depths 1, 4 and 8.  All relevant visual types are supported at
       each depth.  Multi-head configurations are supported in combination with some other  driv-
       ers, but only when the vga driver is driving the primary head.

       The vga driver supports most VGA-compatible video cards.  There are some known exceptions,
       and those should be listed here.

       Please refer to XF86Config(5x) for general configuration details.  This section only  cov-
       ers configuration details specific to this driver.

       The  driver  auto-detects  the  presence of VGA-compatible hardware.  The ChipSet name may
       optionally be specified in the config file "Device" section, and will override  the  auto-


       The  driver  will only use 64k of video memory for depth 1 and depth 8 operation, and 256k
       of video memory for depth 4 (this is the standard VGA limit).

       When operating at depth 8, only a single built-in 320x200 video	mode  is  available.   At
       other depths there is more flexibility regarding mode choice.

       The following driver Options are supported:

       Option "ShadowFB" "boolean"
	      Enable or disable use of the shadow framebuffer layer.  Default: off.

	      This  option is recommended for performance reasons when running at depths 1 and 4,
	      especially when using modern PCI-based hardware.	It is required when  using  those
	      depths  in  a  multi-head  configuration	where one or more of the other screens is
	      operating at a different depth.

       XFree86(1), XF86Config(5x), xf86config(1), Xserver(1), X(7x)

       Authors include: Marc La France, David Dawes, and Dirk Hohndel.

XFree86 			      Version Version 4.3.0				  VGA(4x)
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