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CYRIX(4x)										CYRIX(4x)

       cyrix - Cyrix video driver

       Section "Device"
	 Identifier "devname"
	 Driver "cyrix"

       cyrix  is an XFree86 driver for the Cyrix MediaGX (now Natsemi Geode) series of processors
       when using the built in video.

       The cyrix driver supports the MediaGX, MediaGXi and MediaGXm processors, as  well  as  the
       Natsemi	'Geode'  branded  processors.  It supports the CS5510, CS5520, CS5530 and CS5530A
       companion chips. The driver supports 4, 8, 15 and 16 bit deep displays with video compres-
       sion and acceleration.

       The  MediaGX  run  length compresses its shared framebuffer, for the best performance on a
       MediaGX machine pick backgrounds that compress well horizonally.

       Please refer to XF86Config(5x) for general configuration details.  This section only  cov-
       ers configuration details specific to this driver.

       The following driver options are supported

       Option "NoAccel" "boolean"
	      Disable or enable acceleration. Default: acceleration is enabled.

       Option "SWCursor" "boolean"
	      Disable  or  enable software cursor. Default software cursor is enabled and a hard-
	      ware cursor is used.

       Option "HWCursor" "boolean"
	      Disable or enable hardware cursor. Default hardware cursor is disabled.

       Option "ShadowFB" "boolean"
	      Disable or enable shadow frame buffer. The shadow buffer is normally only used when
	      rotating the screen. The default is false.

       Option "Rotate" "CW"

       Option "Rotate" "CCW"

       Rotate the display clockwise or counterclockwise for use on Cyrix based tablet PC systems.
       This mode is currently unaccelerated.

       This driver has not been tested on the original 5510 hardware for some considerable time.

       8bit mode does not currently work on the CS5510 with external RAMDAC.

       The 5530A video overlay facility is not currently supported.

       XFree86 uses the MediaGX 'SoftVGA' interface. On a small number of boards  this	is  buggy
       and may result in strange illegal instruction traps.

       Hardware cursors are not currently supported.

       XFree86(1), XF86Config(5x), xf86config(1), Xserver(1), X(7x)

       Authors include: Richard Hecker, Annius Groenink, Dirk Hohndel, The GGI Project, Alan Cox.

XFree86 			      Version Version 4.3.0				CYRIX(4x)
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