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SERIAL_CS(4)									     SERIAL_CS(4)

       serial_cs - PCMCIA serial port driver

       insmod serial_cs.o [pc_debug=n] [irq_list=i,j,...]  [do_sound=n]

       Serial_cs  is  the  Card  Services  driver  for all PCMCIA serial devices, including modem
       cards.  When serial_cs is bound to a serial or modem card, it will  generally  attempt  to
       allocate  the  first  unused serial device for use by the card.	The device chosen will be
       recorded in the kernel log file, and will also be reported to cardmgr(8).  The  major  and
       minor numbers and device name reported by serial_cs will match the corresponding "dialout"
       device (/dev/cua#).  The new device can be accessed using this device file or  the  corre-
       sponding  /dev/ttyS#  device.   The default serial card setup script will link the dialout
       device to /dev/modem.

	      Selects the PCMCIA debugging level.  This parameter is only available if the module
	      is compiled with debugging enabled.  A non-zero value enables debugging.

	      Specifies the set of interrupts that may be allocated by this driver.

	      A  flag  specifying  if speaker output should be enabled.  The default is 1 (true).
	      Set to 0 to disable speaker output.

       David Hinds - dahinds@users.sourceforge.net

       cardmgr(8), pcmcia(5).

pcmcia-cs			       2000/06/12 21:24:48			     SERIAL_CS(4)
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