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       glXUseXFont - create bitmap display lists from an X font

       void glXUseXFont( Font font,
			 int first,
			 int count,
			 int listBase )

       delim $$

       font	 Specifies the font from which character glyphs are to be taken.

       first	 Specifies the index of the first glyph to be taken.

       count	 Specifies the number of glyphs to be taken.

       listBase  Specifies the index of the first display list to be generated.

       glXUseXFont  generates  count display lists, named listBase through listBase+count-1, each
       containing a single glBitmap command.  The parameters of the glBitmap command  of  display
       list  listBase+i  are  derived from glyph first+i.  Bitmap parameters xorig, yorig, width,
       and height are computed from font metrics as descent-1, -lbearing, rbearing-lbearing,  and
       ascent+descent,	respectively.  xmove is taken from the glyph's width metric, and ymove is
       set to zero.  Finally, the glyph's image  is  converted	to  the  appropriate  format  for

       Using  glXUseXFont may be more efficient than accessing the X font and generating the dis-
       play lists explicitly, both because the display lists are created on  the  server  without
       requiring  a  round trip of the glyph data, and because the server may choose to delay the
       creation of each bitmap until it is accessed.

       Empty display lists are created for all glyphs that are requested and are not  defined  in
       font.  glXUseXFont is ignored if there is no current GLX context.

       BadFont is generated if font is not a valid font.

       GLXBadContextState is generated if the current GLX context is in display-list construction

       GLXBadCurrentWindow is generated if the drawable associated with the  current  context  of
       the calling thread is a window, and that window is no longer valid.

       glBitmap, glXMakeCurrent

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