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       glXGetClientString - return a string describing the client

       const char * glXGetClientString( Display *dpy,
					int name )

       delim $$

       dpy   Specifies the connection to the X server.

       name  Specifies	which  string is returned.  One of GLX_VENDOR, GLX_VERSION, or GLX_EXTEN-

       glXGetClientString returns a string describing some aspect of the client library. The pos-
       sible  values for name are GLX_VENDOR, GLX_VERSION, and GLX_EXTENSIONS. If name is not set
       to one of these values, glXGetClientString returns NULL.  The format and contents  of  the
       vendor string is implementation dependent.

       The extensions string is null-terminated and contains a space-separated list of	extension
       names. (The extension names never contain spaces.)  If there are  no  extensions  to  GLX,
       then the empty string is returned.

       The version string is laid out as follows:

       <major_version.minor_version><space><vendor-specific info>

       Both the major and minor portions of the version number are of arbitrary length.  The ven-
       dor-specific information is optional.  However, if it is present, the format and  contents
       are implementation specific.

       glXGetClientString is available only if the GLX version is 1.1 or greater.

       If  the GLX version is 1.1 or 1.0, the GL version must be 1.0.  If the GLX version is 1.2,
       then the GL version must be 1.1.

       glXGetClientString only returns information about GLX extensions supported by the  client.
       Call glGetString to get a list of GL extensions supported by the server.

       glXQueryVersion, glXQueryExtensionsString, glXQueryServerString

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