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QXmlDefaultHandler(3qt) 						  QXmlDefaultHandler(3qt)

       QXmlDefaultHandler - Default implementation of all XML handler classes

       #include <qxml.h>

       Inherits QXmlContentHandler, QXmlErrorHandler, QXmlDTDHandler, QXmlEntityResolver,
       QXmlLexicalHandler, and QXmlDeclHandler.

   Public Members
       QXmlDefaultHandler ()
       virtual ~QXmlDefaultHandler ()

       The QXmlDefaultHandler class provides a default implementation of all XML handler classes.

       Very often you are only interested in parts of the things that the reader reports. This
       class implements a default behaviour for the handler classes (i.e. most of the time do
       nothing). Usually this is the class you subclass for implementing your own customized

       See also the Introduction to SAX2.

       See also QXmlDTDHandler, QXmlDeclHandler, QXmlContentHandler, QXmlEntityResolver,
       QXmlErrorHandler, QXmlLexicalHandler, and XML.

QXmlDefaultHandler::QXmlDefaultHandler ()

QXmlDefaultHandler::~QXmlDefaultHandler () [virtual]

       http://doc.trolltech.com/qxmldefaulthandler.html http://www.trolltech.com/faq/tech.html

       Copyright 1992-2001 Trolltech AS, http://www.trolltech.com.  See the license file included
       in the distribution for a complete license statement.

       Generated automatically from the source code.

       If you find a bug in Qt, please report it as described in
       http://doc.trolltech.com/bughowto.html.	Good bug reports help us to help you. Thank you.

       The definitive Qt documentation is provided in HTML format; it is located at
       $QTDIR/doc/html and can be read using Qt Assistant or with a web browser. This man page is
       provided as a convenience for those users who prefer man pages, although this format is
       not officially supported by Trolltech.

       If you find errors in this manual page, please report them to qt-bugs@trolltech.com.
       Please include the name of the manual page (qxmldefaulthandler.3qt) and the Qt version

Trolltech AS				 9 December 2002		  QXmlDefaultHandler(3qt)
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