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QSqlFieldInfo(3qt)							       QSqlFieldInfo(3qt)

       QSqlFieldInfo - Stores meta data associated with a SQL field

       #include <qsqlfield.h>

   Public Members
       QSqlFieldInfo ( const QString & name = QString::null, QVariant::Type typ =
	   QVariant::Invalid, int required = -1, int len = -1, int prec = -1, const QVariant &
	   defValue = QVariant ( ), int typeID = 0, bool generated = TRUE, bool trim = FALSE,
	   bool calculated = FALSE )
       QSqlFieldInfo ( const QSqlFieldInfo & other )
       QSqlFieldInfo ( const QSqlField & other, bool generated = TRUE )
       virtual ~QSqlFieldInfo ()
       QSqlFieldInfo & operator= ( const QSqlFieldInfo & other )
       bool operator== ( const QSqlFieldInfo & f ) const
       QSqlField toField () const
       int isRequired () const
       QVariant::Type type () const
       int length () const
       int precision () const
       QVariant defaultValue () const
       QString name () const
       int typeID () const
       bool isGenerated () const
       bool isTrim () const
       bool isCalculated () const
       virtual void setTrim ( bool trim )
       virtual void setGenerated ( bool gen )
       virtual void setCalculated ( bool calc )

       The QSqlFieldInfo class stores meta data associated with a SQL field.

       QSqlFieldInfo objects only store meta data; field values are stored in QSqlField objects.

       All values must be set in the constructor, and may be retrieved using isRequired(),
       type(), length(), precision(), defaultValue(), name(), isGenerated() and typeID().

       See also Database Classes.

QSqlFieldInfo::QSqlFieldInfo ( const QString & name = QString::null, QVariant::Type typ =
       QVariant::Invalid, int required = -1, int len = -1, int prec = -1, const QVariant &
       defValue = QVariant ( ), int typeID = 0, bool generated = TRUE, bool trim = FALSE, bool
       calculated = FALSE )
       Constructs a QSqlFieldInfo with the following parameters: <center>.nf


QSqlFieldInfo::QSqlFieldInfo ( const QSqlFieldInfo & other )
       Constructs a copy of other.

QSqlFieldInfo::QSqlFieldInfo ( const QSqlField & other, bool generated = TRUE )
       Creates a QSqlFieldInfo object with the type and the name of the QSqlField other. If
       generated is TRUE this field will be included in auto-generated SQL statments, e.g. in

QSqlFieldInfo::~QSqlFieldInfo () [virtual]
       Destroys the object and frees any allocated resources.

QVariant QSqlFieldInfo::defaultValue () const
       Returns the field's default value or an empty QVariant if the field has no default value
       or the value couldn't be determined. The default value is the value inserted in the
       database when it is not explicitly specified by the user.

bool QSqlFieldInfo::isCalculated () const
       Returns TRUE if the field is calculated; otherwise returns FALSE.

       See also setCalculated().

bool QSqlFieldInfo::isGenerated () const
       Returns TRUE if the field should be included in auto-generated SQL statments, e.g. in
       QSqlCursor; otherwise returns FALSE.

       See also setGenerated().

int QSqlFieldInfo::isRequired () const
       Returns a value greater than 0 if the field is required (NULL values are not allowed), 0
       if it isn't required (NULL values are allowed) or less than 0 if it cannot be determined
       whether the field is required or not.

bool QSqlFieldInfo::isTrim () const
       Returns TRUE if trailing whitespace should be removed from character fields; otherwise
       returns FALSE.

       See also setTrim().

int QSqlFieldInfo::length () const
       Returns the field's length. For fields storing text the return value is the maximum number
       of characters the field can hold. For non-character fields some database systems return
       the number of bytes needed or the number of digits allowed. If the length cannot be
       determined -1 is returned.

QString QSqlFieldInfo::name () const
       Returns the name of the field in the SQL table.


QSqlFieldInfo &; QSqlFieldInfo::operator= ( const QSqlFieldInfo & other )
       Assigns other to this field info and returns a reference to it.

bool QSqlFieldInfo::operator== ( const QSqlFieldInfo & f ) const
       Returns TRUE if this fieldinfo is equal to f; otherwise returns FALSE.

       Two field infos are considered equal if all their attributes match.

int QSqlFieldInfo::precision () const
       Returns the field's precision or -1 if the field has no precision or it cannot be

void QSqlFieldInfo::setCalculated ( bool calc ) [virtual]
       calc set to TRUE indicates that this field is a calculated field. The value of calculated
       fields can by modified by subclassing QSqlCursor and overriding

       See also isCalculated().

void QSqlFieldInfo::setGenerated ( bool gen ) [virtual]
       gen set to FALSE indicates that this field should not appear in auto-generated SQL
       statements (for example in QSqlCursor).

       See also isGenerated().

void QSqlFieldInfo::setTrim ( bool trim ) [virtual]
       If trim is TRUE widgets should remove trailing whitespace from character fields. This does
       not affect the field value but only its representation inside widgets.

       See also isTrim().

QSqlField QSqlFieldInfo::toField () const
       Returns an empty QSqlField based on the information in this QSqlFieldInfo.

QVariant::Type QSqlFieldInfo::type () const
       Returns the field's type or QVariant::Invalid if the type is unknown.

int QSqlFieldInfo::typeID () const
       Returns the internal type identifier as returned from the database system. The return
       value is 0 if the type is unknown.

       Warning: This information is only useful for low-level database programming and is not
       database independent.

       http://doc.trolltech.com/qsqlfieldinfo.html http://www.trolltech.com/faq/tech.html

       Copyright 1992-2001 Trolltech AS, http://www.trolltech.com.  See the license file included
       in the distribution for a complete license statement.

       Generated automatically from the source code.

       If you find a bug in Qt, please report it as described in
       http://doc.trolltech.com/bughowto.html.	Good bug reports help us to help you. Thank you.

       The definitive Qt documentation is provided in HTML format; it is located at
       $QTDIR/doc/html and can be read using Qt Assistant or with a web browser. This man page is
       provided as a convenience for those users who prefer man pages, although this format is
       not officially supported by Trolltech.

       If you find errors in this manual page, please report them to qt-bugs@trolltech.com.
       Please include the name of the manual page (qsqlfieldinfo.3qt) and the Qt version (3.1.1).

Trolltech AS				 9 December 2002		       QSqlFieldInfo(3qt)

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