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QPrinter(3qt)									    QPrinter(3qt)

       QPrinter - Paint device that paints on a printer

       #include <qprinter.h>

       Inherits QPaintDevice.

   Public Members
       enum PrinterMode { ScreenResolution, PrinterResolution, HighResolution, Compatible }
       QPrinter ( PrinterMode m = ScreenResolution )
       ~QPrinter ()
       enum Orientation { Portrait, Landscape }
       enum PageSize { A4, B5, Letter, Legal, Executive, A0, A1, A2, A3, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, B0,
	   B1, B10, B2, B3, B4, B6, B7, B8, B9, C5E, Comm10E, DLE, Folio, Ledger, Tabloid,
	   Custom, NPageSize = Custom }
       enum PageOrder { FirstPageFirst, LastPageFirst }
       enum ColorMode { GrayScale, Color }
       enum PaperSource { OnlyOne, Lower, Middle, Manual, Envelope, EnvelopeManual, Auto,
	   Tractor, SmallFormat, LargeFormat, LargeCapacity, Cassette, FormSource }
       QString printerName () const
       virtual void setPrinterName ( const QString & name )
       bool outputToFile () const
       virtual void setOutputToFile ( bool enable )
       QString outputFileName () const
       virtual void setOutputFileName ( const QString & fileName )
       QString printProgram () const
       virtual void setPrintProgram ( const QString & printProg )
       QString printerSelectionOption () const
       virtual void setPrinterSelectionOption ( const QString & option )
       QString docName () const
       virtual void setDocName ( const QString & name )
       QString creator () const
       virtual void setCreator ( const QString & creator )
       Orientation orientation () const
       virtual void setOrientation ( Orientation orientation )
       PageSize pageSize () const
       virtual void setPageSize ( PageSize newPageSize )
       short winPageSize () const
       virtual void setPageOrder ( PageOrder newPageOrder )
       PageOrder pageOrder () const
       virtual void setResolution ( int dpi )
       virtual int resolution () const
       virtual void setColorMode ( ColorMode newColorMode )
       ColorMode colorMode () const
       virtual void setFullPage ( bool fp )
       bool fullPage () const
       QSize margins () const
       void setMargins ( uint top, uint left, uint bottom, uint right )
       void margins ( uint * top, uint * left, uint * bottom, uint * right ) const
       int fromPage () const
       int toPage () const
       virtual void setFromTo ( int fromPage, int toPage )
       int minPage () const
       int maxPage () const
       virtual void setMinMax ( int minPage, int maxPage )
       int numCopies () const
       virtual void setNumCopies ( int numCopies )
       bool newPage ()
       bool abort ()
       bool aborted () const
       bool setup ( QWidget * parent = 0 )
       PaperSource paperSource () const
       virtual void setPaperSource ( PaperSource source )

       The QPrinter class is a paint device that paints on a printer.

       On Windows it uses the built-in printer drivers. On X11 it generates postscript and sends
       that to lpr, lp, or another print command.

       QPrinter is used in much the same way as QWidget and QPixmap are used. The big difference
       is that you must keep track of the pages.

       QPrinter supports a number of settable parameters, most of which can be changed by the end
       user when the application calls QPrinter::setup().

       The most important parameters are:

       setOrientation() tells QPrinter which page orientation to use (virtual).

       setPageSize() tells QPrinter what page size to expect from the printer.

       setResolution() tells QPrinter what resolution you wish the printer to provide (in dpi).

       setFullPage() tells QPrinter whether you want to deal with the full page or just with the
       part the printer can draw on. The default is FALSE, so that by default you should be able
       to paint on (0,0). If TRUE the origin of the coordinate system will be in the top left
       corner of the paper and most probably the printer will not be able to paint something
       there due to it's physical margins.

       setNumCopies() tells QPrinter how many copies of the document it should print.

       setMinMax() tells QPrinter and QPrintDialog what the allowed range for fromPage() and
       toPage() are.

       Except where noted, you can only call the set functions before setup(), or between
       QPainter::end() and setup(). (Some may take effect between setup() and begin(), or between
       begin() and end(), but that's strictly undocumented and such behaviour may differ
       depending on platform.)

       There are also some settings that the user sets (through the printer dialog) and that
       applications are expected to obey:

       pageOrder() tells the application program whether to print first-page-first or last-page-

       colorMode() tells the application program whether to print in color or grayscale. (If you
       print in color and the printer does not support color, Qt will try to approximate. The
       document may take longer to print, but the quality should not be made visibly poorer.)

       fromPage() and toPage() indicate what pages the application program should print.

       paperSource() tells the application progam which paper source to print from.

       You can of course call these functions to establish defaults before you ask the user
       through QPrinter::setup().

       Once you start printing, calling newPage() is essential. You will probably also need to
       look at the QPaintDeviceMetrics for the printer (see the print function in the Application
       walk-through). Note that the paint device metrics are valid only after the QPrinter has
       been set up, i.e. after setup() has returned successfully.

       If you want to abort the print job, abort() will try its best to stop printing. It may
       cancel the entire job or just some of it.

       The TrueType font embedding for Qt's postscript driver uses code by David Chappell of
       Trinity College Computing Center.

       Copyright 1995, Trinity College Computing Center. Written by David Chappell.

       Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its documentation for
       any purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice
       appear in all copies and that both that copyright notice and this permission notice appear
       in supporting documentation. This software is provided "as is" without express or implied

       TrueType font support. These functions allow PPR to generate PostScript fonts from
       Microsoft compatible TrueType font files.

       The functions in this file do most of the work to convert a TrueType font to a type 3
       PostScript font.

       Most of the material in this file is derived from a program called" ttf2ps" which L. S. Ng
       posted to the usenet news group" comp.sources.postscript". The author did not provide a
       copyright notice or indicate any restrictions on use.

       Last revised 11 July 1995.

       See also Graphics Classes and Image Processing Classes.

   Member Type Documentation
       This enum type is used to indicate whether QPrinter should print in color or not.

       QPrinter::Color - print in color if available, otherwise in grayscale.

       QPrinter::GrayScale - print in grayscale, even on color printers. Might be a little faster
       than Color. This is the default.

       This enum type (not to be confused with Qt::Orientation) is used to specify each page's

       QPrinter::Portrait - the page's height is greater than its width (the default).

       QPrinter::Landscape - the page's width is greater than its height.

       This type interacts with QPrinter::PageSize and QPrinter::setFullPage() to determine the
       final size of the page available to the application.

       This enum type is used by QPrinter to tell the application program how to print.

       QPrinter::FirstPageFirst - the lowest-numbered page should be printed first.

       QPrinter::LastPageFirst - the highest-numbered page should be printed first.

       This enum type specifies what paper size QPrinter should use. QPrinter does not check that
       the paper size is available; it just uses this information, together with
       QPrinter::Orientation and QPrinter::setFullPage(), to determine the printable area (see

       The defined sizes (with setFullPage(TRUE)) are:

       QPrinter::A0 - 841 x 1189 mm

       QPrinter::A1 - 594 x 841 mm

       QPrinter::A2 - 420 x 594 mm

       QPrinter::A3 - 297 x 420 mm

       QPrinter::A4 - 210 x 297 mm, 8.26 x 11.7 inches

       QPrinter::A5 - 148 x 210 mm

       QPrinter::A6 - 105 x 148 mm

       QPrinter::A7 - 74 x 105 mm

       QPrinter::A8 - 52 x 74 mm

       QPrinter::A9 - 37 x 52 mm

       QPrinter::B0 - 1030 x 1456 mm

       QPrinter::B1 - 728 x 1030 mm

       QPrinter::B10 - 32 x 45 mm

       QPrinter::B2 - 515 x 728 mm

       QPrinter::B3 - 364 x 515 mm

       QPrinter::B4 - 257 x 364 mm

       QPrinter::B5 - 182 x 257 mm, 7.17 x 10.13 inches

       QPrinter::B6 - 128 x 182 mm

       QPrinter::B7 - 91 x 128 mm

       QPrinter::B8 - 64 x 91 mm

       QPrinter::B9 - 45 x 64 mm

       QPrinter::C5E - 163 x 229 mm

       QPrinter::Comm10E - 105 x 241 mm, US Common #10 Envelope

       QPrinter::DLE - 110 x 220 mm

       QPrinter::Executive - 7.5 x 10 inches, 191 x 254 mm

       QPrinter::Folio - 210 x 330 mm

       QPrinter::Ledger - 432 x 279 mm

       QPrinter::Legal - 8.5 x 14 inches, 216 x 356 mm

       QPrinter::Letter - 8.5 x 11 inches, 216 x 279 mm

       QPrinter::Tabloid - 279 x 432 mm


       QPrinter::NPageSize - (internal)

       With setFullPage(FALSE) (the default), the metrics will be a bit smaller; how much depends
       on the printer in use.

       This enum type specifies what paper source QPrinter is to use. QPrinter does not check
       that the paper source is available; it just uses this information to try and set the paper
       source. Whether it will set the paper source depends on whether the printer has that
       particular source.

       Note: this is currently only implemented for Windows.














       This enum describes the mode the printer should work in. It basically presets a certain
       resolution and working mode.

       QPrinter::ScreenResolution - Sets the resolution of the print device to the screen
       resolution. This has the big advantage that the results obtained when painting on the
       printer will match more or less exactly the visible output on the screen. It is the
       easiest to use, as font metrics on the screen and on the printer are the same. This is the
       default value.

       QPrinter::PrinterResolution - Use the physical resolution of the printer on Windows. On
       Unix, set the postscript resolution to 72 dpi.

       QPrinter::HighResolution - Use printer resolution on windows, set the resolution of the
       postscript driver to 600dpi.

       QPrinter::Compatible - Almost the same as PrinterResolution, but keeps some peculiarities
       of the Qt 2.x printer driver. This is useful for applications ported from Qt 2.x to Qt

QPrinter::QPrinter ( PrinterMode m = ScreenResolution )
       Constructs a printer paint device with mode m.

       See also QPrinter::PrinterMode.

QPrinter::~QPrinter ()
       Destroys the printer paint device and cleans up.

bool QPrinter::abort ()
       Aborts the print job. Returns TRUE if successful; otherwise returns FALSE.

       See also aborted().

bool QPrinter::aborted () const
       Returns TRUE is the printer job was aborted; otherwise returns FALSE.

       See also abort().

ColorMode QPrinter::colorMode () const
       Returns the current color mode. The default color mode is Color.

       See also setColorMode().

QString QPrinter::creator () const
       Returns the name of the application that created the document.

       See also setCreator().

QString QPrinter::docName () const
       Returns the document name.

       See also setDocName().

int QPrinter::fromPage () const
       Returns the from-page setting. The default value is 0.

       If fromPage() and toPage() both return 0 this signifies 'print the whole document'.

       The programmer is responsible for reading this setting and printing accordingly.

       See also setFromTo() and toPage().

bool QPrinter::fullPage () const
       Returns TRUE if the origin of the printer's coordinate system is at the corner of the
       sheet and FALSE if it is at the edge of the printable area.

       See setFullPage() for details and caveats.

       See also setFullPage(), PageSize, and QPaintDeviceMetrics.

QSize QPrinter::margins () const
       Returns the width of the left margin and the height of the top margin of the printer. On
       Unix, this is a best-effort guess, not based on perfect knowledge.

       If you have called setFullPage( TRUE ), margins().width() may be treated as the smallest
       sane left margin you can use, and margins().height() as the smallest sane top margin you
       can use.

       If you have called setFullPage( FALSE ) (this is the default), margins() is automatically
       subtracted from the pageSize() by QPrinter.

       See also setFullPage(), QPaintDeviceMetrics, and PageSize.

void QPrinter::margins ( uint * top, uint * left, uint * bottom, uint * right ) const
       This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It behaves essentially
       like the above function.

       Sets top, left, bottom and right to the margins of the printer. On Unix, this is a best-
       effort guess, not based on perfect knowledge.

       If you have called setFullPage( TRUE ), the four values specify the smallest sane margins
       you can use.

       If you have called setFullPage( FALSE ) (this is the default), the margins are
       automatically subtracted from the pageSize() by QPrinter.

       See also setFullPage(), QPaintDeviceMetrics, and PageSize.

int QPrinter::maxPage () const
       Returns the max-page setting. A user can't choose a higher page number than maxPage() when
       they select a print range. The default value is 0.

       See also minPage(), setMinMax(), and setFromTo().

int QPrinter::minPage () const
       Returns the min-page setting, i.e. the lowest page number a user is allowed to choose. The
       default value is 0.

       See also maxPage(), setMinMax(), and setFromTo().

bool QPrinter::newPage ()
       Advances to a new page on the printer. Returns TRUE if successful; otherwise returns


int QPrinter::numCopies () const
       Returns the number of copies to be printed. The default value is 1.

       After a call to setup(), this value will return the number of times the application is
       required to print in order to match the number specified in the printer setup dialog. This
       has been done since some printer drivers are not capable of buffering up the copies and
       the application in those cases have to make an explicit call to the print code for each

       See also setNumCopies().

Orientation QPrinter::orientation () const
       Returns the orientation setting. The default value is QPrinter::Portrait.

       See also setOrientation().

QString QPrinter::outputFileName () const
       Returns the name of the output file. There is no default file name.

       See also setOutputFileName() and setOutputToFile().

bool QPrinter::outputToFile () const
       Returns TRUE if the output should be written to a file, or FALSE if the output should be
       sent directly to the printer. The default setting is FALSE.

       This function is currently only supported under X11.

       See also setOutputToFile() and setOutputFileName().

PageOrder QPrinter::pageOrder () const
       Returns the current page order.

       The default page order is FirstPageFirst.

PageSize QPrinter::pageSize () const
       Returns the printer page size. The default value is system-dependent.

       See also setPageSize().

PaperSource QPrinter::paperSource () const
       Returns the currently set paper source of the printer.

       See also setPaperSource().

QString QPrinter::printProgram () const
       Returns the name of the program that sends the print output to the printer.

       The default is to return a null string; meaning that QPrinter will try to be smart in a
       system-dependent way. On X11 only, you can set it to something different to use a specific
       print program.

       On Windows, this function returns the name of the printer device driver.

       See also setPrintProgram() and setPrinterSelectionOption().

QString QPrinter::printerName () const
       Returns the printer name. This value is initially set to the name of the default printer.

       See also setPrinterName().

QString QPrinter::printerSelectionOption () const
       Returns the printer options selection string. This is useful only if the print command has
       been explicitly set.

       The default value (a null string) implies that the printer should be selected in a system-
       dependent manner.

       Any other value implies that the given value should be used.

       See also setPrinterSelectionOption().

int QPrinter::resolution () const [virtual]
       Returns the current assumed resolution of the printer, as set by setResolution() or by the
       printer subsystem.

       See also setResolution().

void QPrinter::setColorMode ( ColorMode newColorMode ) [virtual]
       Sets the printer's color mode to newColorMode, which can be either Color or GrayScale (the

       See also colorMode().

void QPrinter::setCreator ( const QString & creator ) [virtual]
       Sets the name of the application that created the document to creator.

       This function is only applicable to the X11 version of Qt. If no creator name is
       specified, the creator will be set to "Qt" followed by some version number.

       See also creator().

void QPrinter::setDocName ( const QString & name ) [virtual]
       Sets the document name to name.

void QPrinter::setFromTo ( int fromPage, int toPage ) [virtual]
       Sets the from-page and to-page settings to fromPage and toPage respectively.

       The from-page and to-page settings specify what pages to print.

       If fromPage() and toPage() both return 0 this signifies 'print the whole document'.

       This function is useful mostly to set a default value that the user can override in the
       print dialog when you call setup().

       See also fromPage(), toPage(), setMinMax(), and setup().

void QPrinter::setFullPage ( bool fp ) [virtual]
       Sets QPrinter to have the origin of the coordinate system at the top-left corner of the
       paper if fp is TRUE, or where it thinks the top-left corner of the printable area is if fp
       is FALSE.

       The default is FALSE. You can (probably) print on (0,0), and QPaintDeviceMetrics will
       report something smaller than the size indicated by PageSize. (Note that QPrinter may be
       wrong on Unix systems - it does not have perfect knowledge of the physical printer.)

       If you set fp to TRUE, QPaintDeviceMetrics will report the exact same size as indicated by
       PageSize, but you cannot print on all of that - you must take care of the output margins

       See also PageSize, setPageSize(), QPaintDeviceMetrics, and fullPage().

       Example: helpviewer/helpwindow.cpp.

void QPrinter::setMargins ( uint top, uint left, uint bottom, uint right )
       Sets the printer margins to the sizes specified in top, left, bottom and right.

       This function currently only has an effect on Unix systems.

       See also margins().

void QPrinter::setMinMax ( int minPage, int maxPage ) [virtual]
       Sets the min-page and max-page settings to minPage and maxPage respectively.

       The min-page and max-page restrict the from-page and to-page settings. When the printer
       setup dialog appears, the user cannot select a from page or a to page that are outside the
       range specified by min and max pages.

       See also minPage(), maxPage(), setFromTo(), and setup().

void QPrinter::setNumCopies ( int numCopies ) [virtual]
       Sets the number of pages to be printed to numCopies.

       The printer driver reads this setting and prints the specified number of copies.

       See also numCopies() and setup().

void QPrinter::setOrientation ( Orientation orientation ) [virtual]
       Sets the print orientation to orientation.

       The orientation can be either QPrinter::Portrait or QPrinter::Landscape.

       The printer driver reads this setting and prints using the specified orientation. On
       Windows this setting won't take effect until the printer dialog is shown (using

       See also orientation().

void QPrinter::setOutputFileName ( const QString & fileName ) [virtual]
       Sets the name of the output file to fileName.

       Setting a null or empty name (0 or "") disables output to a file, i.e. calls
       setOutputToFile(FALSE). Setting a non-empty name enables output to a file, i.e. calls

       This function is currently only supported under X11.

       See also outputFileName() and setOutputToFile().

void QPrinter::setOutputToFile ( bool enable ) [virtual]
       Specifies whether the output should be written to a file or sent directly to the printer.

       Will output to a file if enable is TRUE, or will output directly to the printer if enable
       is FALSE.

       This function is currently only supported under X11.

       See also outputToFile() and setOutputFileName().

void QPrinter::setPageOrder ( PageOrder newPageOrder ) [virtual]
       Sets the page order to newPageOrder.

       The page order can be QPrinter::FirstPageFirst or QPrinter::LastPageFirst. The application
       programmer is responsible for reading the page order and printing accordingly.

       This function is useful mostly for setting a default value that the user can override in
       the print dialog when you call setup().

void QPrinter::setPageSize ( PageSize newPageSize ) [virtual]
       Sets the printer page size to newPageSize if that size is supported. The result if
       undefined if newPageSize is not supported.

       The default page size is system-dependent.

       This function is useful mostly for setting a default value that the user can override in
       the print dialog when you call setup().

       See also pageSize(), PageSize, setFullPage(), and setResolution().

void QPrinter::setPaperSource ( PaperSource source ) [virtual]
       Sets the paper source setting to source.

       See also paperSource().

void QPrinter::setPrintProgram ( const QString & printProg ) [virtual]
       Sets the name of the program that should do the print job to printProg.

       On X11, this function sets the program to call with the PostScript output. On other
       platforms, it has no effect.

       See also printProgram().

void QPrinter::setPrinterName ( const QString & name ) [virtual]
       Sets the printer name to name.

       The default printer will be used if no printer name is set.

       Under X11, the PRINTER environment variable defines the default printer. Under any other
       window system, the window system defines the default printer.

       See also printerName().

void QPrinter::setPrinterSelectionOption ( const QString & option ) [virtual]
       Sets the printer to use option to select the printer. option is null by default (which
       implies that Qt should be smart enough to guess correctly), but it can be set to other
       values to use a specific printer selection option.

       If the printer selection option is changed while the printer is active, the current print
       job may or may not be affected.

       See also printerSelectionOption().

void QPrinter::setResolution ( int dpi ) [virtual]
       Requests that the printer prints at dpi or as near to dpi as possible.

       This setting affects the coordinate system as returned by, for example,
       QPaintDeviceMetrics and QPainter::viewport().

       The value depends on the PrintingMode used in the QPrinter constructor. By default, the
       dpi value of the screen is used.

       This function must be called before setup() to have an effect on all platforms.

       See also resolution() and setPageSize().

bool QPrinter::setup ( QWidget * parent = 0 )
       Opens a printer setup dialog, with parent parent, and asks the user to specify which
       printer they wish to use and what settings it should have.

       Returns TRUE if the user pressed "OK" to print, or FALSE if the user cancelled the


int QPrinter::toPage () const
       Returns the to-page setting. The default value is 0.

       If fromPage() and toPage() both return 0 this signifies 'print the whole document'.

       The programmer is responsible for reading this setting and printing accordingly.

       See also setFromTo() and fromPage().

short QPrinter::winPageSize () const
       Returns the Windows page size value as used by the DEVMODE struct (Windows only). Using
       this function is not portable.

       Use pageSize() to get the PageSize, e.g. 'A4', 'Letter', etc.

       http://doc.trolltech.com/qprinter.html http://www.trolltech.com/faq/tech.html

       Copyright 1992-2001 Trolltech AS, http://www.trolltech.com.  See the license file included
       in the distribution for a complete license statement.

       Generated automatically from the source code.

       If you find a bug in Qt, please report it as described in
       http://doc.trolltech.com/bughowto.html.	Good bug reports help us to help you. Thank you.

       The definitive Qt documentation is provided in HTML format; it is located at
       $QTDIR/doc/html and can be read using Qt Assistant or with a web browser. This man page is
       provided as a convenience for those users who prefer man pages, although this format is
       not officially supported by Trolltech.

       If you find errors in this manual page, please report them to qt-bugs@trolltech.com.
       Please include the name of the manual page (qprinter.3qt) and the Qt version (3.1.1).

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