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QGfxDriverFactory(3qt)							   QGfxDriverFactory(3qt)

       QGfxDriverFactory - Creates QScreen objects for Qt/Embedded

       #include <qgfxdriverfactory_qws.h>

   Static Public Members
       QStringList keys ()

       QScreen * create ( const QString & key, int displayId )

       The QGfxDriverFactory class creates QScreen objects for Qt/Embedded.

       The graphics driver factory creates a QScreen object for a given key with

       The drivers are either built-in or dynamically loaded from a driver plugin (see

       QGfxDriverFactory::keys() returns a list of valid keys. Qt currently ships with "LinuxFb".

       This class is only available in Qt/Embedded.

QScreen * QGfxDriverFactory::create ( const QString & key, int displayId ) [static]
       Creates a QScreen object of a type that matches key, and with the ID, displayId. The
       QScreen object returned may be from a built-in driver, or from a driver plugin.

       See also keys().

QStringList QGfxDriverFactory::keys () [static]
       Returns the list of keys this factory can create drivers for.

       See also create().

       http://doc.trolltech.com/qgfxdriverfactory.html http://www.trolltech.com/faq/tech.html

       Copyright 1992-2001 Trolltech AS, http://www.trolltech.com.  See the license file included
       in the distribution for a complete license statement.

       Generated automatically from the source code.

       If you find a bug in Qt, please report it as described in
       http://doc.trolltech.com/bughowto.html.	Good bug reports help us to help you. Thank you.

       The definitive Qt documentation is provided in HTML format; it is located at
       $QTDIR/doc/html and can be read using Qt Assistant or with a web browser. This man page is
       provided as a convenience for those users who prefer man pages, although this format is
       not officially supported by Trolltech.

       If you find errors in this manual page, please report them to qt-bugs@trolltech.com.
       Please include the name of the manual page (qgfxdriverfactory.3qt) and the Qt version

Trolltech AS				 9 December 2002		   QGfxDriverFactory(3qt)
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