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Shell(3pm)			 Perl Programmers Reference Guide		       Shell(3pm)

       Shell - run shell commands transparently within perl

       See below.

	 Date: Thu, 22 Sep 94 16:18:16 -0700
	 Message-Id: <9409222318.AA17072@scalpel.netlabs.com>
	 To: perl5-porters@isu.edu
	 From: Larry Wall <lwall@scalpel.netlabs.com>
	 Subject: a new module I just wrote

       Here's one that'll whack your mind a little out.


	   use Shell;

	   $foo = echo("howdy", "<funny>", "world");
	   print $foo;

	   $passwd = cat("</etc/passwd");
	   print $passwd;

	   sub ps;
	   print ps -ww;

	   cp("/etc/passwd", "/tmp/passwd");

       That's maybe too gonzo.	It actually exports an AUTOLOAD to the current package (and
       uncovered a bug in Beta 3, by the way).	Maybe the usual usage should be

	   use Shell qw(echo cat ps cp);


       If you set $Shell::capture_stderr to 1, the module will attempt to capture the STDERR of
       the process as well.

       The module now should work on Win32.


       There seemed to be a problem where all arguments to a shell command were quoted before
       being executed.	As in the following example:


       really turned into:

	cat '</etc/passwd'
	ls '*.pl'

       instead of:

	 cat </etc/passwd
	 ls *.pl

       and of course, this is wrong.

       I have fixed this bug, it was brought up by Wolfgang Laun [ID 20000326.008]



       Shell now has an OO interface.  Good for namespace conservation and shell representation.

	use Shell;
	my $sh = Shell->new;
	print $sh->ls;


       Larry Wall

       Changes by Jenda@Krynicky.cz and Dave Cottle <d.cottle@csc.canterbury.ac.nz>

       Changes and bug fixes by Casey West <casey@geeknest.com>

perl v5.8.0				    2002-06-01				       Shell(3pm)
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