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ExtUtils::Command(3pm)		 Perl Programmers Reference Guide	   ExtUtils::Command(3pm)

       ExtUtils::Command - utilities to replace common UNIX commands in Makefiles etc.

	 perl -MExtUtils::Command -e cat files... > destination
	 perl -MExtUtils::Command -e mv source... destination
	 perl -MExtUtils::Command -e cp source... destination
	 perl -MExtUtils::Command -e touch files...
	 perl -MExtUtils::Command -e rm_f file...
	 perl -MExtUtils::Command -e rm_rf directories...
	 perl -MExtUtils::Command -e mkpath directories...
	 perl -MExtUtils::Command -e eqtime source destination
	 perl -MExtUtils::Command -e chmod mode files...
	 perl -MExtUtils::Command -e test_f file

       The module is used to replace common UNIX commands.  In all cases the functions work from
       @ARGV rather than taking arguments.  This makes them easier to deal with in Makefiles.

	 perl -MExtUtils::Command -e some_command some files to work on


	 perl -MExtUtils::Command -e 'some_command qw(some files to work on)'

       Filenames with * and ? will be glob expanded.

       cat Concatenates all files mentioned on command line to STDOUT.

       eqtime src dst
	   Sets modified time of dst to that of src

       rm_rf files....
	   Removes directories - recursively (even if readonly)

       rm_f files....
	   Removes files (even if readonly)

       touch files ...
	   Makes files exist, with current timestamp

       mv source... destination
	   Moves source to destination.  Multiple sources are allowed if destination is an exist-
	   ing directory.

       cp source... destination
	   Copies source to destination.  Multiple sources are allowed if destination is an
	   existing directory.

       chmod mode files...
	   Sets UNIX like permissions 'mode' on all the files.

       mkpath directory...
	   Creates directory, including any parent directories.

       test_f file
	   Tests if a file exists

       Should probably be Auto/Self loaded.

       ExtUtils::MakeMaker, ExtUtils::MM_Unix, ExtUtils::MM_Win32

       Nick Ing-Simmons <nick@ni-s.u-net.com>.

perl v5.8.0				    2002-06-01			   ExtUtils::Command(3pm)
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