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XvSetPortAttribute(3X)							   XvSetPortAttribute(3X)

       XvSetPortAttribute - sets an attribute of a video port

       #include <X11/extensions/Xvlib.h>

       XvSetPortAttribute(dpy, port, attribute, value)

       Display *dpy;
       XvPortID port;
       Atom attribute;
       int value;

       dpy	      Specifies  the  display screen on which the Xv Server is to accept requests
		      from Xv clients.	If the display option is not specified, Xv uses the  dis-
		      play  screen  specified  by your DISPLAY environment variable.  The display
		      option has the format hostname:number.  Using two colons	(::)  instead  of
		      one (:) indicates that DECnet is to be used for transport.

       port	      Specifies the port for which the attribute is to be used.

       attribute      Identifies the port attribute to be set by this request.	Can be one of the
		      table entries under the column "String," below.

       value	      Identifies the value to which attribute is to be set.  Can be  one  of  the
		      table entries under the column "Type," below.

       XvSetPortAttribute(3X)  permits	a  client  to set the port attribute to specified values.
       This request supports the following values:

       Attribute String        Type		Default

       "XV_ENCODING"	       XvEncodingID	Server dependent
       "XV_HUE" 	       [-1000...1000]	0
       "XV_SATURATION"	       [-1000...1000]	0
       "XV_BRIGHTNESS"	       [-1000...1000]	0
       "XV_CONTRAST"	       [-1000...1000]	0

       The supplied encoding must be one of the encodings listed for the  adaptor,  otherwise  an
       Encoding error results.

       If the adaptor does not support the exact hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast levels
       supplied, the closest levels supported are assumed.  Use XvGetPortAttribute(3X)	to  query
       the resulting levels.

       When an XvSetPortAttribute(3X) request is processed, a PortControlNotify(3X) event is gen-
       erated for all clients that have requested for port changes using XvSelectPortNotify(3X).

Returned Values
	       Returned if XvSetPortAttribute(3X) completed successfully.

	       Returned if the Xv extension is unavailable.

	       Returned if XvSelectVideoNotify(3X) failed  to  allocate  memory  to  process  the

	       Generated if the requested port does not exist.

	       Generated if an encoding is specified that does not exist.

	       Generated  if the requested attribute atom does not specify an attribute supported
	       by the adaptor.

See Also
       XvGetPortAttribute(3X), XvSelectPortNotify(3X), XvPortNotify(3X)

XFree86 			      Version Version 4.3.0		   XvSetPortAttribute(3X)
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