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XvPortNotify(3X)								 XvPortNotify(3X)

       XvPortNotify - event generated when port attributes change

       #include <X11/extensions/Xvlib.h>

	    typedef union {
	      int type;
	      XvVideoNotifyEvent xvvideo;
	      XvPortNotifyEvent xvport;
	      long pad[24];
	    } XvEvent;

	    typedef struct {
	      int type;
	      unsigned long serial;
	      Bool send_event;
	      Display *display;
	      XvPortID port_id;
	      Time time;
	      Atom attribute;
	      long value;
	    } XvPortNotifyEvent;

       type    Specifies the type of event: XvPortNotify.

       serial  Number of the last request processed by the server.

	       True if the event was generated by a SendEvent request.

       display A pointer to the display the event was read from.

       port_id The port whose attribute has changed.

	       An atom specifying the attribute that changed.

       value   The new value of the attribute.

       XvPortNotify  events  are  generated  when  a port attribute is set using the XvSetPortAt-
       tribute(3X) function.

See Also
       XvSetPortAttribute(3X), XvGetPortAttribute(3X), XvSelectPortNotify(3X)

XFree86 			      Version Version 4.3.0			 XvPortNotify(3X)
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