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TIFFWriteEncodedTile(3T)						 TIFFWriteEncodedTile(3T)

       TIFFWritedEncodedTile - compress and write a tile of data to an open TIFF file

       #include <tiffio.h>
       tsize_t TIFFWriteEncodedTile(TIFF* tif, ttile_t tile, tdata_t buf, tsize_t size)

       Compress size bytes of raw data from buf and append the result to the end of the specified
       tile.  Note that the value of tile is a ``raw tile number.''  That  is,	the  caller  must
       take into account whether or not the data are organized in separate places (PlanarConfigu-
       ration=2).  TIFFComputeTile automatically does  this  when  converting  an  (x,y,z,sample)
       coordinate quadruple to a tile number.

       The  library  writes  encoded  data using the native machine byte order.  Correctly imple-
       mented TIFF readers are expected to do any necessary byte-swapping  to  correctly  process
       image data with BitsPerSample greater than 8.

       -1 is returned if an error was encountered.  Otherwise, the value of size is returned.

       All error messages are directed to the TIFFError(3T) routine.

       %s: File not open for writing.  The file was opened for reading, not writing.

       Can  not  write tiles to a stripped image.  The image is assumed to be organized in strips
       because neither of the TileWidth or TileLength tags have been set with TIFFSetField(3T).

       %s: Must set "ImageWidth" before writing data.  The image's width has not  be  set  before
       the first write.  See TIFFSetField(3T) for information on how to do this.

       %s:  Must set "PlanarConfiguration" before writing data.  The organization of data has not
       be defined before the first write.  See TIFFSetField(3T) for  information  on  how  to  do

       %s:  No	space for tile arrays".  There was not enough space for the arrays that hold tile
       offsets and byte counts.

       libtiff(3T), TIFFOpen(3T), TIFFWriteTile(3T), TIFFWriteRawTile(3T)

					December 16, 1991		 TIFFWriteEncodedTile(3T)
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