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SWAB(3T)										 SWAB(3T)

       TIFFReverseBits,  TIFFSwabShort, TIFFSwabLong, TIFFSwabArrayOfShort, TIFFSwabArrayOfLong -
       byte- and bit-swapping routines

       #include <tiffio.h>
       const unsigned char* TIFFGetBitRevTable(int reversed);
       void TIFFReverseBits(u_char* data, unsigned long nbytes)
       void TIFFSwabShort(uint16* data)
       void TIFFSwabLong(uint32* data)
       void TIFFSwabArrayOfShort(uint16* data, unsigned long nshorts)
       void TIFFSwabArrayOfLong(uint32* data, unsigned long nlongs)

       The following routines are used by the library to swap 16- and 32-bit data and to  reverse
       the order of bits in bytes.

       TIFFSwabShort  and TIFFSwabLong swap the bytes in a single 16-bit and 32-bit item, respec-
       tively.	TIFFSwabArrayOfShort and TIFFSwabArrayOfLong swap the bytes in an array of 16-bit
       and 32-bit items, respectively.

       TIFFReverseBits	replaces  each byte in data with the equivalent bit-reversed value.  This
       operation is done with a lookup table, TIFFBitRevTable which is declared public.  A second
       table, TIFFNoBitRevTable is also declared public; it is a lookup table that can be used as
       an identity function; i.e.  TIFFNoBitRevTable[n] == n.



					December 16, 1991				 SWAB(3T)
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