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TIFFSIZE(3T)									     TIFFSIZE(3T)

       TIFFScanlineSize,  TIFFRasterScanlineSize,  -  return the size of various items associated
       with an open TIFF file

       #include <tiffio.h>
       tsize_t TIFFRasterScanlineSize(TIFF* tif)
       tsize_t TIFFScanlineSize(TIFF* tif)

       TIFFScanlineSize returns the size in bytes of a row of data as it would be returned  in	a
       call to TIFFReadScanline, or as it would be expected in a call to TIFFWriteScanline.

       TIFFRasterScanlineSize  returns	the size in bytes of a complete decoded and packed raster
       scanline.  Note that this value may be different from the value returned by  TIFFScanline-
       Size if data is stored as separate planes.


       libtiff(3T), TIFFOpen(3T), TIFFReadScanline(3T)

					 October 15, 1995			     TIFFSIZE(3T)
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