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TIFFWarning(3T) 								  TIFFWarning(3T)

       TIFFWarning, TIFFSetWarningHandler - library warning interface

       #include <tiffio.h>
       void TIFFWarning(const char* module, const char* fmt, ...)
       #include <stdargh.h>
       typedef void (*TIFFWarningHandler)(const char* module, const char* fmt, va_list ap);
       TIFFWarningHandler TIFFSetWarningHandler(TIFFWarningHandler handler);

       TIFFWarning  invokes the library-wide warning handler function to (normally) write a warn-
       ing message to the stderr.  The fmt parameter is a printf(3S) format string, and any  num-
       ber  arguments  can be supplied.  The module parameter is interpreted as a string that, if
       non-zero, should be printed before the message; it typically is used to identify the soft-
       ware module in which a warning is detected.

       Applications  that desire to capture control in the event of a warning should use TIFFSet-
       WarningHandler to override the default warning handler.	A NULL(0) warning handler  func-
       tion may be installed to suppress error messages.

       TIFFSetWarningHandler returns a reference to the previous error handling function.

       libtiff(3T), TIFFError(3T), printf(3S)

					 October 15, 1995			  TIFFWarning(3T)
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