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TIFFReadRawTile(3T)							      TIFFReadRawTile(3T)

       TIFFReadRawTile - return an undecoded tile of data from an open TIFF file

       #include <tiffio.h>
       tsize_t TIFFReadRawTile(TIFF* tif, ttile_t tile, tdata_t buf, tsize_t size)

       Read  the  contents of the specified tile into the (user supplied) data buffer.	Note that
       the value of tile is a ``raw tile number.''  That is, the caller must  take  into  account
       whether or not the data is organized in separate planes (PlanarConfiguration=2).  TIFFCom-
       puteTile automatically does this when converting an (x,y,z,sample) coordinate quadruple to
       a  tile	number.  To read a full tile of data the data buffer should typically be at least
       as large as the value returned by TIFFTileSize.

       The actual number of bytes of data that were placed in  buf  is	returned;  TIFFReadEncod-
       edTile returns -1 if an error was encountered.

       All error messages are directed to the TIFFError(3T) routine.

       libtiff(3T), TIFFOpen(3T), TIFFReadEncodedTile(3T), TIFFReadTile(3T), TIFFTileSize(3T)

					 October 15, 1995		      TIFFReadRawTile(3T)
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