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TIFFClose(3T)									    TIFFClose(3T)

       TIFFClose - close a previously opened TIFF file

       #include <tiffio.h>
       void TIFFClose(TIFF* tif)

       TIFFClose  closes  a file that was previously opened with TIFFOpen(3T).	Any buffered data
       are flushed to the file, including the contents of the current  directory  (if  modified);
       and all resources are reclaimed.

       All  error messages are directed to the TIFFError(3T) routine.  Likewise, warning messages
       are directed to the TIFFWarning(3T) routine.

       libtiff(3T), TIFFOpen(3T)

					   May 2, 1990				    TIFFClose(3T)
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