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XmStringUnparse(library call)					    XmStringUnparse(library call)

       XmStringUnparse -- A compound string function that unparses text

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       XtPointer XmStringUnparse(
       XmString string,
       XmStringTag tag,
       XmTextType tag_type,
       XmTextType output_type,
       XmParseTable parse_table,
       Cardinal parse_count,
       XmParseModel parse_model);

       XmStringUnparse looks in the input string for text segments that are tagged with locale or
       charset tags that match tag. The tag_type parameter specifies whether the tag is a  locale
       or  charset  type.   If tag has a value of NULL, all the segments are matched. When a text
       segment is found with a matching tag, it is added to the end of a  resulting  string.  The
       characters in the resulting string are of type output_type.

       XmStringUnparse	also  checks  string for components that match components in parse_table,
       and also to see if the component matches the condition specified by  parse_model.  If  the
       string component matches in both checks, then the associated character is added to the end
       of the resulting string.

       string	 Specifies the XmString to be converted.

       tag	 Specifies the tag to be used in matching with text segments. Only text  segments
		 that  match  tag will be included in the resulting string. If tag has a value of
		 NULL, all segments are considered as matches, and tag_type is ignored.

       tag_type  Specifies the type of	tag  to  be  searched  for,  including	XmMULTIBYTE_TEXT,

		 Specifies  the  type  of  text  to be returned in the string, including XmMULTI-

		 Specifies the parse table to be used in scanning for compound string  components
		 to be converted to other characters.

		 Specifies how many entries are in parse_table.

		 Specifies which non-text components to be considered in matching in parse_table.
		 These include:

			   Puts out all matching components.

			   Puts out only those matching components that are between two  matching
			   text components.

			   Puts out only those matching components that are at the beginning of a
			   matching text component.

			   Puts out only those matching components that  are  at  the  end  of	a
			   matching text component.

			   Puts  out  only those matching components that are at the beginning or
			   end of a matching text component.

       Returns a newly allocated string containing  characters	of  a  type  determined  by  out-
       put_type.  The application is responsible for managing this allocated space.  The applica-
       tion can recover this allocated space by calling XtFree.

       XmString(3), XmParseTable(3), XmParseMapping(3).

								    XmStringUnparse(library call)
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