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XmScaleSetTicks(library call)											     XmScaleSetTicks(library call)

XmScaleSetTicks -- A Scale function that controls tick marks
#include <Xm/Scale.h> void XmScaleSetTicks( Widget scale, int big_every, Cardinal num_medium, Cardinal num_small, Dimension size_big, Dimension size_medium, Dimension size_small);
XmScaleSetTicks controls the number, location, and size of the tick marks on a Scale. Each tick mark is a SeparatorGadget oriented perpen- dicular to the Scale's orientation. For example, if the Scale is oriented horizontally, the tick marks will be oriented vertically. If you specify tick marks for a Scale and then change the Scale's orientation, you will have to do the following: o Remove all the tick marks. To remove tick marks from a Scale, you must destroy (with XtDestroyChildren) the SeparatorGadget tick marks. The first two children of a Scale are its title and scroll bar, and all additional children are tick marks. o Recreate the tick marks by calling XmScaleSetTicks. scale Specifies the Scale widget ID that is getting the tick marks. big_every Specifies the number of scale values between big ticks. num_medium Specifies the number of medium ticks between big values. num_small Specifies the number of small ticks between medium values. size_big Specifies the size (either width or height) of the big ticks. size_medium Specifies the size (either width or height) of the medium ticks. size_small Specifies the size (either width or height) of the small ticks. For a complete definition of Scale and its associated resources, see XmScale(3).
XmScale(3). XmScaleSetTicks(library call)