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XmRepTypeGetId(library call)					     XmRepTypeGetId(library call)

       XmRepTypeGetId -- A representation type manager function that retrieves the identification
       number of a representation type

       #include <Xm/RepType.h>
       XmRepTypeId XmRepTypeGetId(
       String rep_type);

       XmRepTypeGetId searches the registration list for the specified	representation	type  and
       returns the associated identification number.

       rep_type  Specifies  the  representation  type  for  which  an  identification  number  is

       Returns the identification number of the specified representation type. If the representa-
       tion type is not registered, the function returns XmREP_TYPE_INVALID.

       XmRepTypeGetRegistered(3) and XmRepTypeRegister(3).

								     XmRepTypeGetId(library call)
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