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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for xmreptypeaddreverse (redhat section 3)

XmRepTypeAddReverse(library call)				XmRepTypeAddReverse(library call)

       XmRepTypeAddReverse  --	A  representation type manager function that installs the reverse
       converter for a previously registered representation type

       #include <Xm/RepType.h>
       void XmRepTypeAddReverse(
       XmRepTypeId rep_type_id);

       XmRepTypeAddReverse installs the reverse converter for a previously registered representa-
       tion  type.  The reverse converter takes a numerical representation type value and returns
       its corresponding string value. Certain applications may require this capability to obtain
       a string value to display on a screen or to build a resource file.

       The  values argument of the XmRepTypeRegister function can be used to register representa-
       tion types with nonconsecutive values or with duplicate names for the same value.  If  the
       list  of numerical values for a representation type contains duplicate values, the reverse
       converter uses the first name in the value_names list that matches the  specified  numeric
       value.  For example, if a value_names array has cancel, proceed, and abort, and the corre-
       sponding values array contains 0, 1, and 0,  the  reverse  converter  will  return  cancel
       instead of abort for an input value of 0.

		 Specifies the identification number of the representation type

       XmRepTypeGetId(3) and XmRepTypeRegister(3).

								XmRepTypeAddReverse(library call)

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