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XmRenderTableGetTags(library call)			       XmRenderTableGetTags(library call)

       XmRenderTableGetTags -- A convenience function that gets rendition tags

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       int XmRenderTableGetTags(
       XmRenderTable table,
       XmStringTag **tag_list);

       XmRenderTableGetTags searches the specified table for the XmNtag resources of all the ren-
       ditions (XmRenditions) entries. These tag resources are then composed into an array.

       table	 Specifies the table containing the XmRenditions.

       tag_list  Is the array of XmStringTags generated by this function.  The function allocates
		 space	to  hold the returned tags and to hold the tag_list itself.  The applica-
		 tion is responsible for managing this allocated  space.   This  application  can
		 recover  this	allocated  space  by calling XtFree once for each of the returned
		 tags, and then calling XtFree on the returned tag_list variable itself.

       Returns the number of tags in tag_list.


							       XmRenderTableGetTags(library call)
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