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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for xmprinttofile (redhat section 3)

XmPrintToFile(library call)								  XmPrintToFile(library call)

XmPrintToFile -- Retrieves and saves data that would normally be printed by the X Print Server.
#include <Xm/Print.h> XtEnumXmPrintToFile( Display*dpy, Stringfilename, XPFinishProcfinish_proc, XtPointerclient_data);
XmPrintToFile hides the details of X display connection and XpGetDocumentData to the Motif application pro- grammer. This function is a convenience routine that hides the details of the X and Xp internals to the application programmer by calling the XpGetDocumentData function with appropriate save and finish callbacks. This is used in the context of X Printing when the user has specified the "print-to-file" option from a regu- lar Print Setup Dialog box. XmPrintToFile first tries to open the given filename for writing and returns False if it can't. Else, it uses XpGetDocumentData, giving it a save proc that writes the data received in the file and a finish proc that closes the file or removes it on an unsuccessful termination. It calls finish_proc at that point, passing it the argument received from the Xp layer (status == XPGetDocFinished means the file is valid and was closed, otherwise the file was removed). XmPrintToFile is non-blocking; if it returns successfully, it just means the file was opened successfully, not that all the data was received. dpy Print display connection. filename Name of the file to put the print data in. finish_proc Called when all the data has been received. client_data Passed with the finish_proc.
Returns False if the filename could not be created or opened for writing, True otherwise.
/WARNINGS Not applicable
A typical OK callback from a DtPrintSetupBox: PrintOKCallback(widget...) /*-------------*/ { int save_data = XPSpool; pshell = XmPrintSetup (widget, pbs->print_screen, "Print", NULL, 0); XtAddCallback(pshell, XmNstartJobCallback, startJobCB, data); if (pbs->destination == DtPRINT_TO_FILE) save_data = XPGetData; /* start job must precede XpGetDocumentData in XmPrintToFile */ XpStartJob(XtDisplay(pshell), save_data); XFlush(XtDisplay(pshell)); /* maintain the sequence between startjob and getdocument */ /* setup print to file */ if (pbs->destination == DtPRINT_TO_FILE) XmPrintToFile(XtDisplay(pshell), pbs->dest_info, FinishPrintToFile, NULL); } } static void startJobCB(Widget, XtPointer call_data, XtPointer client_data) { print(p); /* rendering happens here */ XpEndJob(XtDisplay(p->print_shell)); /* clean up */ XtDestroyWidget(p->print_shell); XtCloseDisplay(XtDisplay(p->print_shell)); }
XmPrintSetup(3), XmPrintShell(3), XmRedisplayWidget(3), XmPrintPopupPDM(3) XmPrintToFile(library call)

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