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XmDropTransferAdd(library call) 				  XmDropTransferAdd(library call)

       XmDropTransferAdd  --  A  Drag  and  Drop  function  that enables additional drop transfer
       entries to be processed after initiating a drop transfer

       #include <Xm/DragDrop.h>
       void XmDropTransferAdd(
       Widget drop_transfer,
       XmDropTransferEntryRec *transfers,
       Cardinal num_transfers);

       XmDropTransferAdd identifies a list of additional drop transfer entries	to  be	processed
       after a drop transfer is started.

		 Specifies the ID of the DropTransfer widget returned by XmDropTransferStart

       transfers Specifies the additional drop transfer entries that the receiver wants processed

		 Specifies the number of items in the transfers array

       For  a  complete definition of DropTransfer and its associated resources, see XmDropTrans-

       XmDragContext(3), XmDropTransfer(3), and XmDropTransferStart(3).

								  XmDropTransferAdd(library call)
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