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XmDropSiteRetrieve(library call)				 XmDropSiteRetrieve(library call)

       XmDropSiteRetrieve  --  A  Drag	and Drop function that retrieves resource values set on a
       drop site

       #include <Xm/DragDrop.h>
       void XmDropSiteRetrieve(
       Widget widget,
       ArgList arglist,
       Cardinal argcount);

       XmDropSiteRetrieve extracts values for the given resources from the drop site specified by
       widget.	 An  initiator can also obtain information about the current drop site by passing
       the associated DragContext widget as the widget parameter to this routine.  The	initiator
       can  retrieve all of the drop site resources except XmNdragProc and XmNdropProc using this

       widget	 Specifies the ID of the widget that encloses the drop site.

       arglist	 Specifies the argument list.

       argcount  Specifies the number of attribute/value pairs in the argument list (arglist).

       For a complete definition of DropSite and its associated resources, see XmDropSite(3).

       XmDropSite(3) and XmDropSiteUpdate(3).

								 XmDropSiteRetrieve(library call)
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