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XmDestroyPixmap(library call)					    XmDestroyPixmap(library call)

       XmDestroyPixmap -- A pixmap caching function that removes a pixmap from the pixmap cache

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       Boolean XmDestroyPixmap(
       Screen * screen,
       Pixmap pixmap);

       XmDestroyPixmap	removes  pixmaps  that	are no longer used.  Pixmaps are completely freed
       only when there is no further reference to them.

       screen	 Specifies the display screen for which the pixmap was requested

       pixmap	 Specifies the pixmap to be destroyed

       Returns True when successful; returns False if there is no matching screen and  pixmap  in
       the pixmap cache.

       XmInstallImage(3), XmUninstallImage(3), and XmGetPixmap(3).

								    XmDestroyPixmap(library call)
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