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XmCreateSelectionBox(library call)			       XmCreateSelectionBox(library call)

       XmCreateSelectionBox -- The SelectionBox widget creation function

       #include <Xm/SelectioB.h>
       Widget XmCreateSelectionBox(
       Widget parent,
       String name,
       ArgList arglist,
       Cardinal argcount);

       XmCreateSelectionBox  creates  an unmanaged SelectionBox.  A SelectionBox is used to get a
       selection from a list of alternatives from the user and includes the following:

	  o  A scrolling list of alternatives

	  o  An editable text field for the selected alternative

	  o  Labels for the list and text field

	  o  Three or four buttons

       The default button labels are OK, Cancel, and Help.  By default, an Apply button  is  also
       created.  If  the parent of the SelectionBox is a DialogShell, it is managed; otherwise it
       is unmanaged.  Additional work area children may be added to the SelectionBox  after  cre-

       parent	 Specifies the parent widget ID

       name	 Specifies the name of the created widget

       arglist	 Specifies the argument list

       argcount  Specifies the number of attribute/value pairs in the argument list (arglist)

       For  a  complete definition of SelectionBox and its associated resources, see XmSelection-

       Returns the SelectionBox widget ID.


							       XmCreateSelectionBox(library call)
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