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XmAddWMProtocols(library call)					   XmAddWMProtocols(library call)

       XmAddWMProtocols  --  A	VendorShell  convenience interface that adds the protocols to the
       protocol manager and allocates the internal tables

       #include <Xm/Protocols.h>
       void XmAddWMProtocols(
       Widget shell,
       Atom *protocols,
       Cardinal num_protocols);

       XmAddWMProtocols is a convenience interface.  It calls XmAddProtocols  with  the  property
       value set to the atom returned by interning WM_PROTOCOLS.

       shell	 Specifies the widget with which the protocol property is associated

       protocols Specifies the protocol Atoms

		 Specifies the number of elements in protocols

       For a complete definition of VendorShell and its associated resources, see VendorShell(3).

       VendorShell(3), XmAddProtocols(3), XmInternAtom(3), and XmRemoveWMProtocols.

								   XmAddWMProtocols(library call)
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