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WCPNCPY(3)			    Linux Programmer's Manual			       WCPNCPY(3)

       wcpncpy - copy a fixed-size string of wide characters, returning a pointer to its end

       #include <wchar.h>

       wchar_t *wcpncpy(wchar_t *dest, const wchar_t *src, size_t n);

       The  wcpncpy  function is the wide-character equivalent of the stpncpy function. It copies
       at most n wide characters from the wide-character string pointed to by src, including  the
       terminating  L'\0'  character,  to the array pointed to by dest. Exactly n wide characters
       are written at dest. If the length wcslen(src) is smaller than n, the remaining wide char-
       acters  in  the	array  pointed to by dest are filled with L'\0' characters. If the length
       wcslen(src) is greater or equal to n, the string pointed to by dest will not be L'\0' ter-

       The strings may not overlap.

       The programmer must ensure that there is room for at least n wide characters at dest.

       wcpncpy returns a pointer to the last wide character written, i.e.  dest + n - 1.

       This function is a GNU extension.

       stpncpy(3), wcsncpy(3)

GNU					    1999-07-25				       WCPNCPY(3)
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