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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for uildumpsymboltable (redhat section 3)

UilDumpSymbolTable(library call)						     UilDumpSymbolTable(library call)

UilDumpSymbolTable -- Dumps the contents of a named UIL symbol table to standard output
#include <uil/UilDef.h> void UilDumpSymbolTable( sym_entry_type *root_ptr);
The UilDumpSymbolTable function dumps the contents of a UIL symbol table pointer to standard output. root_ptr Specifies a pointer to the the symbol table root entry. This value can be taken from the parse_tree_root part of the Uil_compile_desc_type data structure returned by Uil. By following the link from the root entry, you can traverse the entire parse tree. Symbol table entries are in the following format: hex.address symbol.type symbol.data prev.source.position source.position modification.record where: hex.address Specifies the hexadecimal address of this entry in the symbol table. symbol.type Specifies the type of this symbol table entry. Some possible types are root, module, value, proce- dure, and widget. symbol.data Specifies data for the symbol table entry. The data varies with the type of the entry. Often it con- tains pointers to other symbol table entries, or the actual data for the data type. prev.source.position Specifies the end point in the source code for the previous source item. source.position Specifies the range of positions in the source code for this symbol. The exact data structures for each symbol type are defined in the include file UilSymDef.h. Note that this file is automatically included when an application includes the file UilDef.h.
Uil(3) UilDumpSymbolTable(library call)

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