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STRSIGNAL(3)			    Linux Programmer's Manual			     STRSIGNAL(3)

       strsignal - return string describing signal

       #define _GNU_SOURCE
       #include <string.h>

       char *strsignal(int sig);

       extern const char * const sys_siglist[];

       The strsignal() function returns a string describing the signal number passed in the argu-
       ment sig.  The string can only be used until the next call to strsignal().

       The array sys_siglist holds the signal description strings indexed by signal number.   The
       strsignal() function should be used if possible instead of this array.

       The  strsignal() function returns the appropriate description string, or an unknown signal
       message if the signal number is invalid.  On some systems  (but	not  on  Linux),  a  NULL
       pointer may be returned instead for an invalid signal number.

       This function is not part of any standard, but may be found on Linux systems and some UNIX
       systems (such as Solaris).

       psignal(3), strerror(3)

GNU					    1999-02-08				     STRSIGNAL(3)
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