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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for sdl_surface (redhat section 3)

SDL_Surface(3)				SDL API Reference			   SDL_Surface(3)

       SDL_Surface- Graphical Surface Structure

       typedef struct SDL_Surface {
	       Uint32 flags;			       /* Read-only */
	       SDL_PixelFormat *format; 	       /* Read-only */
	       int w, h;			       /* Read-only */
	       Uint16 pitch;			       /* Read-only */
	       void *pixels;			       /* Read-write */

	       /* clipping information */
	       SDL_Rect clip_rect;		       /* Read-only */

	       /* Reference count -- used when freeing surface */
	       int refcount;			       /* Read-mostly */

	    /* This structure also contains private fields not shown here */
       } SDL_Surface;

       flags		   Surface flags

       format		   Pixel format

       w, h		   Width and height of the surface

       pitch		   Length of a surface scanline in bytes

       pixels		   Pointer to the actual pixel data

       clip_rect	   surface clip rectangle

       SDL_Surface's  represent  areas	of  "graphical"  memory, memory that can be drawn to. The
       video framebuffer is returned as a SDL_Surface by  SDL_SetVideoMode  and  SDL_GetVideoSur-
       face. Most of the fields should be pretty obvious. w and h are the width and height of the
       surface in pixels. pixels is a pointer to the actual pixel data,  the  surface  should  be
       locked  before  accessing this field. The clip_rect field is the clipping rectangle as set
       by SDL_SetClipRect.

       The following are supported in the flags field.

       SDL_SWSURFACE	   Surface is stored in system memory

       SDL_HWSURFACE	   Surface is stored in video memory

       SDL_ASYNCBLIT	   Surface uses asynchronous blits if possible

       SDL_ANYFORMAT	   Allows any pixel-format (Display surface)

       SDL_HWPALETTE	   Surface has exclusive palette

       SDL_DOUBLEBUF	   Surface is double buffered (Display surface)

       SDL_FULLSCREEN	   Surface is full screen (Display Surface)

       SDL_OPENGL	   Surface has an OpenGL context (Display Surface)

       SDL_OPENGLBLIT	   Surface supports OpenGL blitting (Display Surface)

       SDL_RESIZABLE	   Surface is resizable (Display Surface)

       SDL_HWACCEL	   Surface blit uses hardware acceleration

       SDL_SRCCOLORKEY	   Surface use colorkey blitting

       SDL_RLEACCEL	   Colorkey blitting is accelerated with RLE

       SDL_SRCALPHA	   Surface blit uses alpha blending

       SDL_PREALLOC	   Surface uses preallocated memory


SDL				      Tue 11 Sep 2001, 23:01			   SDL_Surface(3)

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