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SDL_QuitEvent(3)			SDL API Reference			 SDL_QuitEvent(3)

       SDL_QuitEvent- Quit requested event

       typedef struct{
	 Uint8 type
       } SDL_QuitEvent;

       type		   SDL_QUIT

       SDL_QuitEvent  is  a  member  of  the  SDL_Event  union	and is used whan an event of type
       SDL_QUIT is reported.

       As can be seen, the SDL_QuitEvent structure serves no useful purpose. The event itself, on
       the  other  hand,  is  very important. If you filter out or ignore a quit event then it is
       impossible for the user to close the window. On the other hand, if you do  accept  a  quit
       event  then  the  application  window will be closed, and screen updates will still report
       success event though the application will no longer be visible.


	      The macro SDL_QuitRequested will return non-zero if a quit event is pending

       SDL_Event, SDL_SetEventFilter

SDL				      Tue 11 Sep 2001, 22:59			 SDL_QuitEvent(3)
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