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SDL_BuildAudioCVT(3)			SDL API Reference		     SDL_BuildAudioCVT(3)

       SDL_BuildAudioCVT- Initializes a SDL_AudioCVT structure for conversion

       #include "SDL.h"

       int  SDL_BuildAudioCVT(SDL_AudioCVT  *cvt,  Uint16  src_format,	Uint8  src_channels,  int
       src_rate, Uint16 dst_format, Uint8 dst_channels, int dst_rate);

       Before an SDL_AudioCVT structure can be used to convert audio data it must be  initialized
       with source and destination information.

       src_format  and	dst_format  are the source and destination format of the conversion. (For
       information on audio formats see  SDL_AudioSpec). src_channels and  dst_channels  are  the
       number  of  channels in the source and destination formats. Finally, src_rate and dst_rate
       are the frequency or samples-per-second of the source and destination formats. Once again,
       see SDL_AudioSpec.

       Returns -1 if the filter could not be built or 1 if it could.

       See SDL_ConvertAudio.

       SDL_ConvertAudio, SDL_AudioCVT

SDL				      Tue 11 Sep 2001, 22:58		     SDL_BuildAudioCVT(3)
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