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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for pvmfpstat (redhat section 3pvm)

PSTAT(3PVM)							  PVM Version 3.4						       PSTAT(3PVM)

pvm_pstat - Returns the status of the specified PVM process.
C int status = pvm_pstat( tid ) Fortran call pvmfpstat( tid, status )
tid Integer task identifier of the PVM process in question. status Integer returns the status of the PVM process identified by tid. Status is PvmOk if the task is running, PvmNoTask if not, and PvmBadParam if the tid is bad.
The routine pvm_pstat returns the status of the process identified by tid. Also note that pvm_notify() can be used to notify the caller that a task has failed.
C: tid = pvm_parent(); status = pvm_pstat( tid ); Fortran: CALL PVMFPARENT( TID ) CALL PVMFPSTAT( TID, STATUS )
The following error conditions can be returned by pvm_pstat. PvmBadParam Bad Parameter, most likely an invalid tid value. PvmSysErr pvmd not responding. PvmNoTask Task not running.
pvm_notify(3PVM) 30 August, 1993 PSTAT(3PVM)

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