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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for pvmfgetopt (redhat section 3pvm)

GETOPT(3PVM)							  PVM Version 3.4						      GETOPT(3PVM)

pvm_getopt - Returns the value of libpvm options.
C int val = pvm_getopt( int what ) Fortran call pvmfgetopt( what, val )
what Integer defining option to get. One of: PvmRoute 1 Message routing policy PvmDebugMask 2 Libpvm debug mask PvmAutoErr 3 Auto error reporting PvmOutputTid 4 Stdout destination for children PvmOutputCode 5 Output message tag for children PvmTraceTid 6 Trace data destination for children PvmTraceCode 7 Trace message tag for children PvmTraceBuffer 8 Trace buffer size for children PvmTraceOptions 9 Trace collection options for children PvmFragSize 10 Message fragment size PvmResvTids 11 Allow messages to reserved tags and TIDs PvmSelfOutputTid 12 Stdout destination PvmSelfOutputCode 13 Output message tag PvmSelfTraceTid 14 Trace data destination PvmSelfTraceCode 15 Trace message tag PvmSelfTraceBuffer 16 Trace buffer size PvmSelfTraceOptions 17 Trace collection options PvmShowTids 18 pvm_catchout prints task ids with output PvmPollType 19 Message wait policy (shared memory) PvmPollTime 20 Message spinwait duration PvmOutputContext 21 Output message context for children PvmTraceContext 22 Trace message context for children PvmSelfOutputContext 23 Output message context PvmSelfTraceContext 24 Trace message context PvmNoReset 25 Do not kill task on reset val Integer returning the value of the option.
The routine pvm_getopt returns the value of the specified option in PVM. For a discussion of options and values, see pvm_setopt. If an error occurs, the PVM error code is returned in place of the option value.
C: val = pvm_getopt( PvmFragSize ); Fortran: CALL PVMFGETOPT( PVMAUTOERR, VAL )
This error condition can be returned PvmBadParam giving an invalid value.
pvm_setopt(3PVM) 4 April, 1994 GETOPT(3PVM)

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