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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for pvm_archcode (redhat section 3pvm)

ARCHCODE(3PVM)							  PVM Version 3.4						    ARCHCODE(3PVM)

pvm_archcode - Returns the data representation code for a PVM architecture name.
C int cod = pvm_archcode( char *arch ) Fortran call pvmfarchcode( arch, cod )
arch Character string containing the architecture name. cod Integer returning architecture code.
The routine pvm_archcode returns an integer given an architecture name. The code returned identifies machines with compatible binary data formats. For example, SUN4 and RS6K have the same code, while ALPHA has a different one (because a few datatypes have different sizes). This lets you know when you can get away with using PvmDataRaw instead of PvmDataDefault encoding to pass messages between tasks on two machines. Naturally, you shouldn't assume the values returned by pvm_archcode are etched in stone; the numbers have no intrinsic meaning except that if two different arch names map to the same value then they're compatible. This routine is actually obsolete in the sense that the architecture codes returned are already available in the hi_dsig field of the pvmhostinfo structure returned by pvm_config(), as shown in the below example. The routine is maintained for backwards compatibility only.
C: struct pvmhostinfo *hip; int i; pvm_config((int *)0, (int *)0, &hip); i = pvm_archcode(hip[0].hi_arch); /* or you could just do: i = hip[0].hi_dsig; */ Fortran: CALL PVMFARCHCODE( 'RS6K', k )
On success, pvm_archcode returns a positive integer data signature. The following error conditions can be returned as well: PvmBadParam giving an invalid architecture name. PvmNotFound there is no host with the given architecture name in the current virtual machine configuration. PvmSysErr pvmd not responding.
pvm_config(3PVM), pvm_initsend(3PVM), pvm_notify(3PVM), pvm_tasks(3PVM), pvm_tidtohost(3PVM) 15 March, 1994 ARCHCODE(3PVM)

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