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pthread_kill_other_threads_np(3) [redhat man page]


pthread_kill_other_threads_np - terminate all threads in program except calling thread SYNOPSIS
#include <pthread.h> void pthread_kill_other_threads_np(void); DESCRIPTION
pthread_kill_other_threads_np is a non-portable LinuxThreads extension. It causes all threads in the program to terminate immediately, except the calling thread which proceeds normally. It is intended to be called just before a thread calls one of the exec functions, e.g. execve(2). Termination of the other threads is not performed through pthread_cancel(3) and completely bypasses the cancellation mechanism. Hence, the current settings for cancellation state and cancellation type are ignored, and the cleanup handlers are not executed in the terminated threads. AUTHOR
Xavier Leroy <> SEE ALSO
execve(2), pthread_setcancelstate(3), pthread_setcanceltype(3), pthread_cancel(3). BUGS
According to POSIX 1003.1c, a successful exec* in one of the threads should terminate automatically all other threads in the program. This behavior is not yet implemented in LinuxThreads. Calling pthread_kill_other_threads_np before exec* achieves much of the same behavior, except that if exec* ultimately fails, then all other threads are already killed. LinuxThreads PTHREAD_KILL_OTHER_THREADS_NP(3)

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pthread_kill_other_threads_np - terminate all other threads in process SYNOPSIS
#include <pthread.h> void pthread_kill_other_threads_np(void); DESCRIPTION
pthread_kill_other_threads_np() only has an effect in the LinuxThreads threading implementation. On that implementation, calling this function causes the immediate termination of all threads in the application, except the calling thread. The cancellation state and cancel- lation type of the to-be-terminated threads are ignored, and the cleanup handlers are not called in those threads. CONFORMING TO
This function is a nonstandard GNU extension; hence the suffix "_np" (nonportable) in the name. NOTES
pthread_kill_other_threads_np() is intended to be called just before a thread calls execve(2) or a similar function. This function is designed to address a limitation in the obsolete LinuxThreads implementation whereby the other threads of an application are not automati- cally terminated (as POSIX.1-2001 requires) during execve(2). In the NPTL threading implementation, pthread_kill_other_threads_np() exists, but does nothing. (Nothing needs to be done, because the implementation does the right thing during an execve(2).) SEE ALSO
execve(2), pthread_cancel(3), pthread_setcancelstate(3), pthread_setcanceltype(3), pthreads(7) COLOPHON
This page is part of release 3.44 of the Linux man-pages project. A description of the project, and information about reporting bugs, can be found at Linux 2010-09-09 PTHREAD_KILL_OTHER_THREADS_NP(3)

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