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Sobol(3)		       User Contributed Perl Documentation			 Sobol(3)

       PDL::RandVar::Sobol -- Sobol subrandom sequences

	 Current version is 1.0

	 use PDL::RandVar::Sobol;
	 $m = new PDL::RandVar::Sobol

       Sobol subrandom sequences are used for more uniform sampling of a domain than normal ran-
       dom variables can achieve.  They're described cursorily in W.H. Press's _Numerical_
       _Recipes_, 2nd edition, section 7.7 (Cambridge Univ. Press), and this implementation is
       based on their description.

	 0.01	 4-Dec-2001 -- Basic functionality (CED)
	 0.1	11-Dec-2001 -- First fully functional version (CED)
	 1.0	 9-Jan-2002 -- Tests out OK (CED)

       Author, license, no warranty

       This file copyright(C) 2001, 2002 Craig DeForest (cdeforest@solar.stanford.edu).  This
       software/documentation may be distributed under the same terms as PDL itself (license
       available at http://pdl.perl.org). This package comes with NO WARRANTY.


       Should have a way of reproducibly seeding the initial values.  For now, you always get the
       same initial seed with every random variable -- this is the Wrong way to do it.


       Construct a new Sobol subrandom variable

	 Signature: (See PDL::RandVar::new)

	 $a = new PDL::RandVar::Sobol(<size>,<opt>);


	  2xn piddle containing min and max values for each dimension.

	 $a = new PDL::RandVar::Sobol(2,{range=>pdl([$xmin,$xmax],[$ymin,$ymax])});
	 $xy = sample $a;

perl v5.8.0				    2002-05-16					 Sobol(3)
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