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LUT(3)			       User Contributed Perl Documentation			   LUT(3)

       PDL::Graphics::LUT - provides access to a number of look-up tables

	use PDL::Graphics::PGPLOT;
	use PDL::Graphics::LUT;

	# what tables are available
	my @tables = lut_names();

	# get the reversed colour table 'smooth',
	# with the gamma intensity ramp
	my ( $l, $r, $g, $b ) = lut_data( 'smooth', 1, 'gamma' );

	# use the table idl5 in ctab
	ctab( lut_data('idl5') );

       PDL::Graphics::LUT contains a number of colour look-up tables (in rgb format) and inten-
       sity ramps, and provides routines to access this data.  The format of the data is suitable
       for use by "ctab" in PDL::Graphics::PGPLOT.

       Unlike the initial release of the package, the data tables are now stored within the PDL
       distribution as FITS files (see $tabledir and $rampdir), rather than in the module itself.
       Changes to these directories will be picked up on the next call to one of the package


       Return, as a list, the names of the available colour tables.

	@tables = lut_names();


       Return, as a list, the names of the available intensity ramps.

	@ramps = lut_ramps();


       Load in the requested colour table and intensity ramp.

	( $l, $r, $g, $b ) = lut_data( $table, [ $reverse, [ $ramp ] ] );

       Returns the levels and r, g, b components of the colour table $table. If $reverse is 1
       (defaults to 0 if not supplied), then the r, g, and b components are reversed before being
       returned.  If not supplied, $ramp defaults to "ramp" (this is a linear intensity ramp).

       The returned values are piddles containing values in the range 0 to 1 inclusive, and are


       The directory in which the colour tables (in rgb format) are stored.


       The directory in which the intensity ramps are stored.


       The suffix for the data files in $tabledir and $rampdir.

       The colour tables were taken from the STARLINK GAIA package, and are provided under the
       GNU copyleft.  See http://star-www.rl.ac.uk/ and http://star-www.dur.ac.uk/~pdraper/ for
       more details.

       Doug Burke (djburke@cpan.org), with thanks to Peter Draper/STARLINK for providing the
       colour-table data, and Christian Soeller and Karl Glazebrook for their help.

       All rights reserved. There is no warranty. You are allowed to redistribute this software /
       documentation under certain conditions. For details, see the file COPYING in the PDL dis-
       tribution. If this file is separated from the PDL distribution, the copyright notice
       should be included in the file.

perl v5.8.0				    2002-04-24					   LUT(3)
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