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todo(3) 										  todo(3)

       todo - Todo List

       Global netsnmp_table_get_or_create_row_stash(netsnmp_agent_request_info *reqinfo, const
       u_char *storage_name)
	    This function will likely change to add free pointer functions.

       Global handler_mark_doneit(int majorID, int minorID, void *serverarg, void *clientarg)
	    replace this with a method to check the handler chain instead.

       Global netsnmp_register_auto_data_table(netsnmp_table_data_set *table_set, char
	    create a properly free'ing registeration pointer for the datalist, and get the
	   datalist freed at shutdown.

net-snmp				    5 Oct 2002					  todo(3)
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