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NE_SSL_LOAD_CA(3)			neon API reference			NE_SSL_LOAD_CA(3)

       ne_ssl_load_ca, ne_ssl_load_default_ca - load SSL Certificate Authorities

       #include <ne_session.h>

       int ne_ssl_load_ca (ne_session *session, const char *filename);

       int ne_ssl_load_default_ca (ne_session *session);

       To  indicate  that  a  given CA certificate is trusted by the user, the certificate can be
       loaded using the ne_ssl_load_ca function. The filename parameter given  must  specify  the
       location of a PEM-encoded CA certificate.

       The  SSL  library in use by neon may include a default set of CA certificates; calling the
       ne_ssl_load_default_ca function will indicate that these CAs are trusted by the user.

       If no CA certificates are loaded, or the server presents a certificate which is invalid in
       some  way, then the certificate must be manually verified (see ne_ssl_set_verify(3)), oth-
       erwise the connection will fail.

       Both ne_ssl_load_ca and ne_ssl_load_default_ca functions return 0 on success, or  non-zero
       on failure.

       Load the CA certificate stored in /path/to/cacert.pem:

       ne_session *sess = ne_session_create(...);

       if (ne_ssl_load_ca(sess, "/path/to/cacert.pem")) {
	  printf("Could not load CA cert: %s\n", ne_get_error(sess));

       ne_get_error(3), ne_ssl_set_verify(3)

       Joe Orton <neon@webdav.org>.

neon 0.23.5				  8 October 2002			NE_SSL_LOAD_CA(3)
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