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       ne_ssl_certificate, ne_ssl_dname - structures representing SSL certificates

       #include <ne_session.h>

       /* A simplified X.509 distinguished name. */
       typedef struct {
	   const char *country, *state, *locality, *organization;
	   const char *organizationalUnit;
	   const char *commonName;
       } ne_ssl_dname;

       /* A simplified SSL certificate. */
       typedef struct {
	   const ne_ssl_dname *subject, *issuer;
	   const char *from, *until;
       } ne_ssl_certificate;

       The  ne_ssl_dname structure is used to represent a simplified X.509 distinguished name, as
       used in SSL certificates; a distinguished name is used to  uniquely  identify  an  entity.
       Along  with  the fields giving the geographical and organizational location of the entity,
       the commonName field will be assigned the DNS hostname of  the  entity.	The  ne_ssl_read-
       able_dname  function  can  be  used  to create a single-line string out of an ne_ssl_dname

       The ne_ssl_certificate structure is used to represent a simplified SSL  certificate;  con-
       taining	the  distinguished names of the issuer and subject of the certificate. The issuer
       is the entity which has digitally signed the certificate to  guarantee  its  authenticity;
       the  subject  is  the  owner of the certificate. A certificate is only valid for a certain
       period of time: the from and until contain strings giving the validity period.

       ne_ssl_dname(3), ne_ssl_set_verify(3)

       Joe Orton <neon@webdav.org>.

neon 0.23.5				  8 October 2002		    NE_SSL_CERTIFICATE(3)
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