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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for ne_set_proxy_auth (redhat section 3)

NE_SET_SERVER_AUTH(3)				  neon API reference				NE_SET_SERVER_AUTH(3)

ne_set_server_auth, ne_set_proxy_auth, ne_forget_auth - register authentication callbacks
#include <ne_auth.h> typedef int (*ne_request_auth) (void *userdata, const char *realm, int attempt, char *username, char *password); void ne_set_server_auth (ne_session *session, ne_request_auth callback, void *userdata); void ne_set_proxy_auth (ne_session *session, ne_request_auth callback, void *userdata); void ne_forget_auth (ne_session *session);
The ne_request_auth function type defines a callback which is invoked when a server or proxy server requires user authentication for a particular request. The realm string is supplied by the server. The attempt is a counter giving the number of times the request has been retried with different authentication credentials. The first time the callback is invoked for a particular request, attempt will be zero. To retry the request using new authentication credentials, the callback should return zero, and the username and password buffers must contain NUL-terminated strings. The NE_ABUFSIZ constant gives the size of these buf- fers. Tip If you only wish to allow the user one attempt to enter credentials, use the value of the attempt pa- rameter as the return value of the callback. To abort the request, the callback should return a non-zero value; in which case the contents of the username and password buffers are ignored. The ne_forget_auth function can be used to discard the cached authentication credentials.
/* Function which prompts for a line of user input: */ extern char *prompt_for(const char *prompt); static int my_auth(void *userdata, const char *realm, int attempts, char *username, char *password) { strncpy(username, prompt_for("Username: "), NE_ABUFSIZ); strncpy(password, prompt_for("Password: "), NE_ABUFSIZ); return attempts; } int main(...) { ne_session *sess = ne_session_create(...); ne_set_server_auth(sess, my_auth, NULL); /* ... */ }
Joe Orton <neon@webdav.org>. neon 0.23.5 8 October 2002 NE_SET_SERVER_AUTH(3)

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